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Bird Watching

Maninghi enjoys a rich and varied bird life, thanks in part to its proximity to the Olifants River, as well as to major parks nearby such as the Kruger National, and is home to 340 unique species, including "The Big 6" (Kori Bustard, Ground Hornbill, Lappet-faced Vulture, Pels Fishing Owl, Martial Eagle and Saddle-billed Stork). There are two sycamore fig trees near the viewing balcony, which attract many interesting varieties of birds, such as the Trumpeter Hornbill, Purple-crested Turaco and Plum-coloured Starling.

Through guided walks or game drives, you'll be able to spot an incredible diversity of bird wildlife. The Lodge also has several excellent birding books and reference guides in its library.

Contact your hosts if you have any favourites you're hoping to see!

Recommended for:
  • Birding Enthusiasts
  • Photographers
Handy essentials:
  • Binoculars
  • Birding Guides
Our Team Rating:
  • 5/5